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Dating 101 for Romantic Rebels

Unleash your inner romantic rebel and build the relationships of your dreams

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Dare to date differently

With Dating 101, you will learn the art of nontraditional dating, from choosing the right apps to navigating boundaries. Unlock the secrets to stellar profiles, conversations, and first dates, and get ready to revolutionize your love life!

in this course, we cover...

Knowing what you want

Pinpoint your personal values and life goals, and understand how these factors play into your relationships and dating preferences.

Setting Up a Dating Profile

Choose the right app, craft a captivating profile, have engaging conversations, and stay safe online, all while embracing your unique romantic narrative.

Navigating first dates

Discover how to confidently navigate first dates with tips on preparation, conversation starters, handling common scenarios, and post-date reflections.

Improving Your Communication

Enhance your communication skills by understanding rejection, ending relationships kindly, and setting clear boundaries for relationship success and growth.

What you get

So what are you waiting for?
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